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Chrysalis Chronicle – August 2018


Introducing Our New Logo

Chrysalis is excited to announce we’ve updated our logo. We wanted to give our logo and organization a fresh contemporary look, without completely changing our butterfly. This is our final design. We hope you like it as much as we do. We’re excited to have a new look and are making and selling items with the updated logo on them. Shirts for men and women will be for sale at our September 23rd celebration.

As many of you know, our organization is named “Chrysalis” because of the amazing transformation that takes place in a butterfly chrysalis. The caterpillar has no idea what’s going to happen when it hangs from a branch and sheds its skin. Yet, it’s eventually trans-formed from the inside out. What an amazing metamorphosis. The caterpillar is absolutely unrecognizable!

Not only has it become a new and different creature, its life is totally changed. No longer crawling from leaf to leaf, only able to see what’s right in front of her, she can now experience an expanded world filled with beauty and possibility. Her perspective has changed.



God is My Priority

Before I was sent to prison, I led a chaotic life. Throughout a ten-year period, my husband and I drank heavily and made very bad choices. While in prison, I began to find myself again and attended every church service and AA meeting available. I also began to make God the priority in my life. After serving five years, I was released and moved to Chrysalis to start a new life.

I graduated the Chrysalis program in 2009 and became a House Assistant. I found my-self changing as I served and cared for others and gave back the love and grace that had been given to me. Chrysalis is my family, and even though I have my own home now, I will continue to participate and volunteer. I am an example of how God can completely change a life, forever.



Three Amazing Staff Members

Liberated and Free

Kelsee Reed, Exec. Assistant

I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to pour into others what has been poured into me. I love working with Chrysalis. And I count it a blessing every day to be able to do the smallest, most seemingly unimportant administrative tasks as well as the awesome, encouraging building up of the women. I love seeing this program thrive, greeting new women, helping with intake, preparing materials for classes, assisting the house assistants with administrative tasks, and helping plan and execute events.

I’ve been changed and set free, liberated from the bondage I once lived and removed from the slavery that entrapped me and kept me paralyzed. I will soon be celebrating eight years of a completely transformed life. When I talk about my old life, it is tangible and real, yet it feels like I’m describing a movie in vivid detail. My life looks so drastically different now than I could have ever hoped or expected. When I look at my life from a Kingdom perspective, I know the only way I could be where I am at today is with Jesus.

I can’t explain the gratitude I feel for all the people who’ve played a part in my life and given me love and support over the years. I was ugly before – lost and shackled. I am so ex-cited for the life I GET TO DO – even the hard things. I am so thankful for Vineyard Boise, Celebrate Recovery and Chrysalis Women’s Transitional Living, who gave me what I needed to grow in Christ and to be changed forever. You have been a part of my story and have the opportunity to be a part of other women’s stories. Thank you.


Stephanie Schultz, Entry Program Coordinator

Being in ministry is my heart’s desire. I began to believe I was called by God to reconciliation ministry many years ago. While waiting for direction from Him, I took Bible study classes, led small groups, and let God heal my heart. When I saw the job opening at Chrysalis, I realized my gifts and life experiences could bring hope, healing and encouragement to women in recovery.

Working at Chrysalis is a joy. In the first month of our day program, Choose Life, we lay the foundation of God’s love. Knowing how much he loves them prepares participants for future phases of recovery. Our time together builds trust as they connect and bond with the staff and other residents.

Each woman has a deep desire to change, but they usually have no idea where to start. Having this first month to focus on God’s love and on their goal to change is a great investment in their future. My prayer for the Chrysalis day program: “Let the beauty of the Lord be upon us and establish the work of our hands.” Psalm 90:17


Melody Wilson, Receptionist

love being at Chrysalis. I feel God sent me here to put joy and worth into my life. I get to know our residents by helping them complete entry paper-work, assisting them with their program payments, and making copies of documents. I listen to their joyous news—and sometimes bad news. I’m learning from the women in the office how to answer the phones, file, make copies, assemble binders and workbooks for coaching sessions and do fundraiser data entry.

I’ve also assisted some of the many people who volunteer their time and expertise at Chrysalis. I’ve gathered information for grant letters, helped with the golf tournament, and received donations. I’m happy to do anything I’m asked to do and am blessed to be able to help and learn every day I’m here.



Chrysalis Celebration

September 23rd, 2018

Chrysalis Celebration Fundraiser Luncheon

You are invited to our annual Celebration Fundraiser. We are honored to have the beautiful and inspirational Charity Majors, Mrs. Idaho 2018, as our guest speaker. The Bret Welty Band will be playing and there will be graduate testimonies. The cost for the luncheon is $25.00. The menu will include: North-west Chicken Cobb Salad, bread, coffee or tea, and dessert. This is an afternoon you won’t want to miss! Please invite your friends and relatives and buy a table for $225.00. Give them the “Chrysalis Experience”, celebrating changed lives. Hope to see you there! Invitation to follow.


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