March 2016 Newsletter

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Chrysalis Chronicle – March 2016


God Bless the Butterfly

Celebration2It’s at that moment, every year, when the vocalist begins to sing our traditional graduation song, “She’s a Butterfly”, that my emotions well up in me, and I am overwhelmed as I realize the significance of what Chrysalis does for broken women. The women that are about to walk across that stage, to receive their Certificate of Completion, because of God’s grace, are miracles. I am there to witnesses the smiling faces, filled with new hope. Every fabric of their lives was completely torn apart, but today, they feel as though they have wings. Like the words in the song, by Martina McBride express;

‘ Like the purist light, in a darkened world. So much hope in-side, such a lovely girl. You should see her fly, its almost magical. It makes you wanna cry, she’s so beautiful. God bless the butterfly.’

Come and celebrate with us, and experience the joy of being together, and sharing the stories and accomplishments of our Chrysalis volunteers, staff, residents, graduates and donors. There is nothing like the grace and beauty of a butterfly in flight.

~Marsha Tennyson, Director



She Reached For a Dream


I’ve spent most of my life in and out of addiction, and prison. Two years ago, I woke up in ICU after attempting suicide. I hated myself, and I’d lost every-thing that meant anything to me. My children were traumatized. My daughter wanted nothing to do with me. Shortly after my hospitalization I was back in prison on drug charges. Feeling helpless and very alone, I made a decision to change my life, to do things differently.

But how? I needed help! I’d been a Chrysalis resident years ago and knew it was a place of safety, and structure, and a place where I could learn how to have a relationship with God. I was welcomed with open arms and started my journey of healing and acquiring self -worth.

Eight months into the program, I decided to reach for a dream, find a profession that would enable me to support myself after leaving Chrysalis. I’ve always enjoyed doing nails and thought maybe I could become a nail technician. Really scared and very afraid of failure, I enrolled in the Paul Mitchell Academy. For me, this was a huge step. My whole life, I’ve been paralyzed by the fear of failure.

By this time, I decided that if I didn’t try, I’d walk out my life never reaching for a dream. I learned at Chrysalis that I am valued by God and He wants me to succeed. So through prayer, counsel and determination, I graduated with a Nail Certification and accomplished my dream!

I’ve always been anti-social, but after working with the public at Dollar Tree, I realized, I enjoy working with people. I love pampering women and making them feel pretty doing their nails. Most importantly, I love myself and my new life. I used to think happiness and fulfillment were found in a man, but now I realize they’re found in my relationship with God, myself and others.

I’m now a Chrysalis House Assistant at our State Street location. I feel con-tent, accomplished and fulfilled. I have a future, and it is bright! With God, all things are possible. I’m grateful, for my family, for the Chrysalis program, my support system, and the blessings of God. My daughter and I have a great relationship. She’s actually proud of me, which I never thought would be possible. I’m most grateful to God, who made it possible for me to accomplish my dreams.

~Denise, Chrysalis Alum


Living Proof

JoleenAndMotherOn January 22, 2011, I did the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I asked for Help! My life was a wreck and I was so broken! Every relationship I had was in pieces, I’d lost absolutely everything and I hated myself for being the cause of the wreckage. I knew I couldn’t go on the way I was living!

That day, five years ago, God showed up and performed a miracle. He took away my desire to use drugs and alcohol. He transformed my heart and made me new.

I have been blessed in so many ways I can’t keep count- and the blessings just keep coming. I have a solid foundation of support and continue to give back to women who are in the same position I was in five years ago. Supporting them helps keep me sober today! I’m not perfect. I’m still a work in progress. But I’m so proud to be living proof that miracles do happen. God truly can transform your life if you allow Him into your heart! I’m also proud of five great years of sobriety and for many more to follow! The other woman in the picture is my mom, who is also celebrating 15 years of sobriety this month! I’m proud of her!

~Joleen Alum


I Couldn’t Do It On My Own

OnMyOwnI started smoking marijuana, drinking and experimenting with all different kinds of pills by age 13. By the time I was 22 I was long gone into the deep dark world of drug use, using meth and heroine intravenously. I lost everything, including who I was as a person.

In 2013 I was arrested, that’s when child protection services came and took my daughter. I finally began to understand, I needed help! I couldn’t do this on my own. I came to Chrysalis and learned there was more to life than using drugs. When my Chrysalis coach came into my life she taught me about God, and all the wonderful things He has done. I didn’t really believe in Him, but I finally got to know my Heavenly Father, and everything he has done for me.

I give thanks to God! I have been sober and at my job for two years. I have my own home, and I’ve started the process of getting my daughter back. I am living a happy life I never thought possible.

~Coleen, Alum



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