November 2017 Newsletter

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Chrysalis Chronicle – November 2017

Moments In Time

It’s wonderful that we have a special day, really a special month, to think about all we have to be thankful for. If you’re like me moments seem to fly by, day after day, and many times I miss the best ones. Each day is filled with blessings we shouldn’t miss.

Our word for the year at Chrysalis has been “intentional” as I wanted all of us to think about every decision with intention, rather than haphazardly, which is how many of our choices are made. I personally have worked on being in the moment by being more aware of all that is around me. I’m so grateful for all that God has done for me and my family. He keeps us under His wing through the happy and sad moments of life. When we look at the amazing things we have as a nation and individually we can only fall on our knees in gratitude. We are a blessed people.

Every day at Chrysalis we are surrounded by amazing volunteers and financial donors. We are so grateful for your love, prayers and service. You make it possible for women to have an open door to hope in a place they call home, where they feel loved and accepted. We’re thankful for you and are being intentional when we say, “Thank You!” We have not missed your commitment as we’ve felt your heart and are overwhelmed by your support. This moment isn’t missed, it is celebrated. Have a blessed and thankful November.

Marsha Tennyson, Founder/Director


Looking Into the Future

By Marsha Tennyson

Residents enjoy our yearly Harvest Party! One of our women said this was the first time she had ever carved a pumpkin. We love firsts at Chrysalis. Learning how to have fun in new ways.

This holiday season I want to share with you my heart and the needs of Chrysalis. We are celebrating our 15th year of serving Idaho women in need by providing wonderful homes and pro-grams that instill hope and purpose. I am thrilled to be part of an organization that is meeting this huge need to aid in the restoration of women who have been devastated by life. The numbers of women coming out of addiction and incarceration are increasing; however, through Chrysalis many of these women will find their way back to productive lives. Through these past 15 years we have made an impact on hundreds of women as they turn their lives around and now walk into a beautiful new future they never dreamed possible. I am so proud of our Alumni who have returned to their families, children and the community as productive individuals. These women are now
giving back by making positive differences to all in their lives. Chrysalis has truly created beautiful butterflies.

In September of 2001 when we opened our doors it was with complete faith in God and his calling on my life ‘to provide an opportunity for change’. I am in awe how God and the community has supported and loved us.

Today we look into our future with excitement and anticipation for Chrysalis’ next season as we have outgrown our current homes. Next year we plan to purchase a building to house the women in their first six months (our Courage To Change Pro-gram) and provide office space. The building will have a large meeting room, large kitchen, classroom, living room, bedrooms and our offices. As I share this great news with you, please pray for us to locate just the right building and how you personally would be part of this project. Thank you for being part of the solution to changing lives.


Celebrating 15 Years

The beautifully decorated ballroom at the Grove Hotel was the perfect venue for our 15th Anniversary Celebration and Fundraiser. We were honored to have Bruce Marchiano, actor, speaker, and author, as our guest speaker. He is best known for his role as Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew (Visual Bible). He was inspirational as he shared how the experience of playing the role of Jesus influenced his life. Brian Yeager, manager of KTSY radio our MC, was wonderful sharing the importance and needs of Chrysalis. Special music and testimonies from two graduates added to the afternoon. Our graduates testified of how God had taken the wreckage of their past and made beauty from ashes. They both felt they were a living miracle! You don’t want to miss our yearly celebration!


I Learned It’s Okay to Love Myself

When I was 22 I had my daughter Sadie and stopped drinking with friends on weekends, but replaced it with drinking at home. I was trying to balance working full time, being a mother, and my alcohol use. At first I thought I had it under control, but it wasn’t long before it was obvious, who was in control. At my lowest point I put my daughter’s life in danger by driving under the influence with her in the car. I knew then I could never drink again. I needed help! I spent 6 months in jail where I began to heal, reconnect to God, and that’s where I found out about Chrysalis. I came to Chrysalis and started working on me. I’ve taken classes, sought the forgiveness and support of my family, and learned it’s okay to love myself, and allow myself to be happy. It’s what God desires for me. I have been sober for 3 years and have goals for my future. I have strong relationships with my family and I am making lasting memories with my daughter. Thanks to Chrysalis, my coach and most especially my family. I have my own home and a great job. I’m walking into a bright future. Corinna