September 2015 Newsletter

Chrysalis Chronicle – September 2015


Ripples of Love = Hope

ripplesHave you ever searched for the perfect stone to skip across a lake and then watched the ripples it created, amazed at the expanse of area affected by just one stone? With all the needs and problems our community and world face today, we can easily feel like what little we have to give won’t matter all that much. But giving has an amazing ripple effect. Just like a stone dropped into the water, our gifts create waves of change, which spread on and on. No matter how small the gift, it touches lives, and where there is movement there is change. The women we serve every-day at Chrysalis are the point of impact for your gifts. Ripples of forgiveness, freedom, and healing expand outward to include children, families, co-workers and friends. Amazing miracles begin with your do-nations, donations that provide a place of refuge for hurting daughters, donations that change the world. Please consider dropping a gift in the mail to launch a ripple of love = hope. Marsha Tennyson, Director


From Dreams to Reality

septarticle2I’ve been involved in some type of Christian volunteer service all my life. When I retired from a job as care giver two years ago, I knew God had something more planned for me and set about trying to discern what that was. I tried St. Luke’s Hospice volunteering (still there), but when I started spending time at Chrysalis, I knew it was a place where I could use my time and talents.

I began by helping in the office (and still do when needed), and then I helped organize the women’s reference library. I kept helping where I could. Gradually, I took more and more responsibility caring for our three residences. In early 2015, I was given a title and my volunteer position became “official”. I am now the Chrysalis Property Manager, which means I coordinate the maintenance of our houses by maintaining volunteer and professional workers to complete needed construction and repairs.

The most exciting part for me is to see a project come together when three or more church groups or organizations unite to do the work. Two big dreams became a reality this year. First, we converted a dismal old single-car garage into a beautiful clothing closet where women who come to us with nothing “shop” for clothing. Second, we turned a patch of weeds into a concrete pad with a bike rack for the women’s bikes.

Being part of the Chrysalis family of volunteers known as W.I.N.G.S has truly been a rewarding and faith-filled experience for me. God and his workers are so amazing, I feel blessed to be a part of all he is doing at Chrysalis! Margo Henning


His Hand Extended


Chrysalis residents all participate in the Life Style Changes program which includes meeting with a Transition Coach each week. Residents and their coaches review goals, time management, victories, struggles, and other daily living issues. When asked how the coaching experience has impacted her life, one resident, Corinna said. “ My coach Lysa challenges me to dig deep and not ignore or push down my feelings, but also not to let them control me. She listens when I need to vent, provides guidance when I‘m feeling lost, and most importantly, encourages and builds me up. She has helped me to see it’s okay to be proud of myself today, rather than holding on to who I was yesterday. I‘m so thankful for Lysa and for Chrysalis for bringing her into my life.”

Lysa was asked the same question. “My heart wants Corinna to become all she can be,” she said. “God is allowing me to be His hand extended, to assist in the process. Coaching is the art of giving my God-given talents, and my life experiences, to benefit another. I give her a different perspective as she walks out who she’s meant to be. Corinna is a huge blessing in my life!”


I Stand on His Promises

septarticle4Because of God’s love, hope and forgiveness, I have overcome the strong hold of addiction in my life after fighting for twenty years with using alcohol and all other forms of mind altering drugs.

The trauma of my childhood was too much for me to handle. My addiction took over my life, and stole everything from me, including my children. I went through many treatment programs and visited prison 3 times. I felt completely hopeless and hit rock bottom.

Chrysalis has been very supportive and inspiring, inviting me in to the family of God. I am working, and a full-time student in computer engineering. I ’m taking my recovery program to heart this time. I know God’s forgiveness now, and stand on His promises. Thank you for helping women like me have a hope and a future. God bless you! Gabrielle, Resident