“God is great, God is good, God we thank you for this food.” Do you remember praying this prayer? I, like many of you grew up saying this little prayer. I was blessed to have parents who taught this to me from a very young age. To this day it is difficult for me to eat if I haven’t thanked God for what I am about to receive. November, a very special month where we are called upon to think about what we are grateful for. George Washington declared, this special day, the 4th Thursday of this month especially set aside for public thanksgiving.  OnRead More →

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Marsha Tennyson here, I am the Founder and Director of Chrysalis. This will be my first blog, which is basically about, this being my first blog. If you are reading this, our long awaited new web page is online where you will be able to view information about upcoming events, monthly stories about our residents and of course, read my blog. I am thrilled to be able to have a forum in which to share our lives at Chrysalis. I am going to share about Chrysalis and who I am at a church in Boise this month, so I will give you a sneak peek.Read More →