The Need

The Need

Help for familiesWhy is Chrysalis crucial in our state and community? Because women need a second chance. When women come through our doors, most have lost all hope of ever having a life worth living. Our programs provide women coming out of incarceration, addiction, homelessness and abuse, a safe, loving Christian environment where they can heal, and find hope.

Over 90% of women in prison were sexually abused as little girls. Many were physically and mentally abused. Much of the addiction, and addicted related crimes, are a result of the pains of their past. Coming from very dysfunctional backgrounds they don’t have the tools needed to be successful. They are in great need, not only for a place to live, but to begin a new life they can be proud of.

If change does not take place, the women we serve will continue to be lost, addicted, incarcerated and abused. Change is hard, someone is needed to come along side of each of us to encourage and guide us along the way. Our homes are like the chrysalis of the butterfly. The caterpillar must incase itself in a protective covering where it is safe, while the transformation takes place. There is nothing more beautiful than a changed life.

Our programs are specifically targeted to meet women’s needs, and enhance their strengths. Our desire is to stop the cycle of abuse by helping women to experience a relationship with God, themselves and others, becoming good mothers, wives, daughters and friends. Chrysalis gives women the tools to change their life style, and become contributing members of the community.

The need far exceeds the capacity of Chrysalis. Without your help, and without Chrysalis, many women would have nowhere to go, except back to their old lives. Please take a look at Our Stories page. God is still doing miracles, we see them every day. Please consider how you can help.